2 Best Digital Tools for Everything: Series Intro


As clinicians become more advanced in their practices and business owners become more successful in their companies, the responsibilities intensify. Whereas catching up on emails once only took 10 minutes a day, now it takes 90. Doctors who started with just a single receptionist now manages a staff of fifteen.

To compound matters, business owners and entrepreneurs are now expected to show their faces consistently on social media, participate in podcast interviews to share their expertise, and respond to comments and instant messages from fans and potential clients—multiple times a day. Without systems and routines in place, the demands can be overwhelming.

I’m not managing fifteen employees, but I have needed to shoulder an increasing number of demands as my own business has grown. At first, I resisted digital integrations and apps. I couldn’t be bothered. But once I discovered a few core digital apps, I realized they were saving me loads of time and headspace.

2 Best Digital Tools for Everything

I now use apps to help me with to-do lists, tracking time, writing articles, scheduling social posts, and sending emails. The apps lighten my load and free up space in my mind to focus on the work that matters most.

In the upcoming blog series, I’m going to share with you the two best tools for each of the following categories: productivity, writing, social media, and email. I’ll send out a new article each week so that you have time to explore each of the apps and try them out for yourself.

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