Email Copywriting

Process and Pricing

Email should make you money

If you’re sitting on a list of email subscribers who rarely hear from you—you should do something about that. Email is one of the best ways to build ongoing relationships with your current and potential customers. But if the emails you send are boring…or if they never ask for a sale…or if they never get sent in the first place…you are leaving money on the table.

Sarah Cook

My Approach

There are a LOT of different email strategies out there. Some involve maddening algorithms and segmentation inside email automation. Others depend on too much hands-on involvement from YOU. There are webinar sequences, flash sales, daily emails…the list goes on.

I like to keep things as simple as possible for my clients.

I rely on 3 email strategies:

  • An autoresponder sequence to welcome new subscribers
  • Ongoing weekly emails that are fun, interesting, and informative
  • Occasional sales sequences to promote specific products or services

Here’s why these strategies work…

  • A welcome sequence gets all of your subscribers on the same page. When a person first subscribes, this is also a critical time to sell them on the benefits of your products or services.
  • Weekly emails help to nurture relationships with your subscribers. When people see you regularly in their inbox, they feel like they know you. That builds trust.
  • Sales sequences overcome any objections people might have to buying your products or services and boosts your sales.

Like with all of my copywriting projects, I follow the StoryBrand framework and apply it to marketing strategies that are working for integrative healthcare companies.


The process 

number 1

Strategy Call

We’ll have a quick 30-minute strategy call so that I can understand what goals you have for your email campaigns. 

number 2

Email Topics

I’ll create a folder in Google Drive so that I can share with you an email calendar, topic ideas, and copy for all of your emails. The first document for you to review will list emails with their topics and call-to-actions.

number 3

Email Copy

After you approve the email topics, I’ll draft the copy. You can view, edit, and comment on all of the emails in the Google Drive folder. I’ll make one round of revisions to the emails (if needed).

number four

Schedule and Send

When the emails are ready, all you need to do is to cut and paste the copy into your email service provider. Then schedule them to send to your list!

If you think people hate getting emails, you’re wrong. People LOVE checking their email. What they hate is annoying and boring copy. I’ll craft copy that is conversational, relatable, and engaging. When we tap into people’s curiosity, they’ll open and click. That means more eyes on YOUR stuff.

Packages and Pricing

Email campaigns work best if you already have a website in place that is optimized for sales. These email packages are add-ons after we have completed your messaging strategy and website copy and design. Learn about website copywriting here. 

Let’s start your project!

I’ll help you choose the best email strategy for your business. Schedule a quick call or email me at

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