Projects in Progress…

Lots of our clients are refreshing their websites to better reflect the INCREDIBLE work that they do! We are currently working with several clients on their BrandScripts (marketing message) and wireframes (copy and layout) for their websites. Some of them have sent off their wireframes to their website designers, and we will see their sites soon. Here is a behind-the-scenes peek…

Client: Empowered Through TBI

Empowered Through TBI is a resource for survivors of a traumatic brain injury. We worked with the founder (a survivor herself and an amazing woman!) to get a BrandScript and website wireframe. We are currently designing her site with a launch date in September!!

Client: Healing Insight

Healing Insight is an acupuncture clinic in Minnesota. They offer top-of-the-line services, but their current website reflects none of that. We are working on their BrandScript and website wireframes now. We will send those to their web designer for a launch date in early fall. Can’t wait to see their newly clarified message go live!!

Client: Healing Blends Global

Healing Blends Global creates the most incredible herbal formulas to address specific health conditions. Their founder has Sickle cell anemia and created a formula that proved 97% effective in an RCT in Africa. Seriously, I have the most amazing clients. We did their BrandScript and website wireframe. Their web designer is working on a new website now.

Client: KnowMe

We completed a BrandScript and one-liner for this start-up company. They turned the BrandScript into a video to post on their website until they are ready to launch. We also delivered a wireframe for their new website. Their designer is working on developing the site now!

Client: Dr. Deena Riggins

Dr. Deena is a family chiropractor in Aptos, CA. We completed a BrandScript for her and coached her on how to use her clarified message to update the copy on her website. We also coached her on how to use the BrandScript for social media posts! 

Client: Dr. Lisa Amerine

We followed the StoryBrand framework to write copy for Pure Center of Health, and we designed a mobile-friendly, SEO-optimized, WordPress website.

Client: Dr. Nasha Winters

We worked with Dr. Nasha and her team to rebrand her website, create a lead-generating PDF, and automate an email campaign that goes to anyone who downloads the PDF. We provided the copy and guidance on the flow of her website to a web designer that she already had on her team.

Client: Dr. Haylee Nye

We worked with Dr. Nye in a coaching capacity to create a sales page for her online fertility assessment.

Client: Dr. Jennifer Nevels

We worked with Dr. Jennifer Nevels to draft a webinar script, presentation, and handout. Click below to view the PowerPoint presentation we designed for her. She has since turned that webinar into a downloadable e-book.

Client: Impact Health Media

We have been working with Impact Health Media (Karolyn Gazella and Kathi Magee) on a variety of medical writing projects over the years. Clients include TAP Integrative, The Natural Medicine Journal, and Emerson Ecologics. Some examples are linked below.

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