Social Media Strategy

2 Best Digital Tools for Everything: Part 3 (Social Media)

(This post is part of a series. View the series intro here) If you are a business owner or entrepreneur, most people expect you to have a professional presence on social media. You need to respond to LinkedIn messages, post routinely to your business Facebook page,...

Social and Health Holidays Calendar

Do you ever stare at your Facebook or Instagram feed wondering, "what on earth should I post today?" We got you! If you ever feel stuck on social media, grab this handy list of health observances and social media holidays. Tap into the power of #hashtags for even...

Social Schedulers Reviewed

Social media networks offer a great opportunity for you to showcase your practice and share your message. Social media can also be a huge time trap. That is where social schedulers come in. Social schedulers give you the freedom to batch schedule your social posts in...

Is Your Brand Consistent or Chaotic?

When a prospective patient discovers your medical practice online, is your brand consistent? If they see a social post, visit your website, download a free resource, and read an article you wrote for an online journal, do they see a consistent look, feel, and message...

The Social Media Playbook for Naturopathic Doctors

Do doctors and medical practices have a place on social media? According to a ZocDoc survey, 53% of physicians in the United States have a professional Facebook page for their medical practice.

There are more than 27 million people over the age of 55 engaged on social networks, and Facebook has more than 1 billion daily active users. Statistics also show that social media can influence patients to seek a second opinion and that patients with a chronic condition are some of the “most engaged audiences” on social media. Whereas only 36% of social media users trust posts from pharmaceutical companies, 60% say that they trust posts from doctors.

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