Most doctors and other small business owners never take the time to get clear on their message. The StoryBrand mantra is “if you confuse you’ll lose.” People are drawn to clarity, so our first step is to get your business a clear brand message. We call this your StoryBranded BrandScript.

As a StoryBrand Certified Guide, we follow the proven StoryBrand framework to create a BrandScript and then write copy and design websites that draw people into the story of YOUR medical practice or wellness business.

For you? StoryBrand means a powerful message, more sales, and more lives saved.

Why StoryBrand?

“I work with integrative medical practitioners and wellness businesses who are already providing incredible products and services to people who are hurting. Since becoming a StoryBrand Certified Guide, I have a reliable strategy to consistently improve their marketing. When we follow the StoryBrand framework, patients and customers listen. They get excited to buy. My clients grow their reputation, make more sales, and save more lives. That’s what it’s all about.”  

~Sarah Cook, ND (ND Pen’s Copywriter)

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After years of writing for the naturopathic and integrative medical field—both in the Denver area and around the US—I realized that our community needed more than excellent content. We needed a way to market and communicate that would get people excited to buy.

I took certification programs in digital marketing and copywriting. But I kept searching for a strategy that would deliver consistent and stellar results.

When I discovered StoryBrand, I knew that was it.

The StoryBrand framework follows pathways in the human brain that have been wired for millennia. StoryBrand gives us a tool to communicate in a way that captures people’s attention and draws them in.

Now I apply the StoryBrand framework to website copy, email campaigns, e-books, and more. When we StoryBrand your content, people listen. That means more sales for you and more people helped by the services you provide.

If you fumble over your words when talking about your business….if you don’t feel great about your website…..or if you’re frustrated that people don’t see the value in what you do….I can help.

I was trained initially as a naturopathic doctor. I’ve been writing for the integrative medicine community for more than 6 years. I know medicine, and I know marketing. I can’t wait to help you get messaging and marketing that works!

StoryBrand Services

Get a complete StoryBranded Marketing Roadmap. Clarify your message with a solid BrandScript and One-Liner. Get a StoryBranded website. Put a sales funnel in place—complete with a lead-generating PDF and email nurture campaigns. Get your practice or wellness business StoryBranded and be amazed at how fast it grows.


If your message is confusing, people will NOT understand how you can help. Your brand narrative gives you a solid communication strategy to use across platforms.


People buy things because of the words they hear or read. Don’t be boring or confusing. Get a website copy refresh so that your site will get people jazzed about what you do.


Stop hassling with a do-it-yourself site. Chances are that you’re missing a lot of technicalities on the backend. Get a gorgeous and high-converting WordPress site. 


People need to know and trust you before putting money on the line. Put a sales funnel in place so people will grow to adore you before they ever meet you.

Most marketers don't understand integrative medicine. You're wasting money and confusing the people who need your help the most. When you hire ND Pen for a copywriting project, you get the perfect combination of medical knowledge + marketing savvy. 

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