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Crafting Storybranded Copy is an Art

If you’ve read Building a StoryBrand by Donald Miller, listened to the Building a StoryBrand Podcast, or taken a Business Made Simple Course…you’re excited.  Now you need to implement the ideas into your business. You need to know your audience and choose the right words. When pen hits the paper, you may just get stuck. That’s where I come in…

StoryBrand + Medicine

Hey there, I’m Sarah. I’m a StoryBrand Certified Guide.

I’m also an ND. For more than 6 years, I’ve been writing copy to help naturopathic and integrative medicine businesses succeed.

Are you a doctor? Do you own an integrative medicine or wellness business? You can trust me to StoryBrand your business AND get your messaging right.


StoryBrand Copywriting services

BrandScript and One-Liner

StoryBranded Website Copy

StoryBranded Website Design

Lead-Generating PDFs

Email Sequences

Sales Pages

Our most popular service is website copywriting. Learn about the process and our packages here:

Featured StoryBrand Clients

“As an avid story collector of my patient’s lives, the StoryBrand process was a natural fit. Thank you, Sarah, for taking something that was overwhelming and quickly moving me to a rebranded website I can share with the world!”

Nasha Winters, ND, founder @

“I put off revamping my acupuncture website for years because it was so painful to write the first time. I dreaded going thru that again! And then I found Sarah. I swear she can get inside my head and see what I’m thinking, then puts it into words for me! I’m having so much fun working with her, and rewriting our website is now my favorite part of the process!”

Senia Mae Tuominen, L.Ac. Clinic Director @ Healing Insight

“Sarah did a wonderful job helping us clarify our message, even to the point that with her expert guidance, we won our local Shark Tank-style business and tech competition.“

Casey Davis, PA-C, founder @ KnowMe

Translating your excitement for StoryBrand into tangible marketing materials can be overwhelming. We understand StoryBrand AND integrative medicine. Work with ND Pen to get StoryBranded sales copy that captures the authentic message and voice of your wellness business.

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