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Is your marketing foundation cracked?

Your website is the foundation of all your marketing. Your blogs, social media posts, and ads? They all lead back to your site. And you know what happens when your website copy is lame and boring? Nobody cares. They leave your site. You waste your money on other marketing and never see the leads or sales.

When we fix your web copy…


You'll see more consistent leads from your site


Your ideal clients will see the value in what you do


You'll be able to charge more for your services


Closing sales will become a breeze


All of your other marketing efforts will WORK. BETTER.

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“Sarah to the rescue!…New patients are finding me at my new place—more every week!”

~Susan Dykeman, L.Ac.

Your website will boost your already wild success!

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My Approach

Hi there!!! I’m Sarah Cook, ND…

Yep, I have an ND.

And the sad truth is that most copywriters have zero understanding of naturopathic medicine. Maybe you’ve paid somebody for copy and ended up chucking it in the trash.

It’s equally painful if you have tried to DIY…but writing just isn’t your forte.

I come from a background in naturopathic medicine and have been professionally writing for this community for seven years. I follow the StoryBrand framework for all of my copy projects.

Why StoryBrand? Because story is a powerful tool to compel the human brain. When we StoryBrand your message and your copy, you’ll see your website finally start to work for you. My goal is to help you…



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“As an avid story collector of my patient’s lives, the StoryBrand process was a natural fit. Thank you, Sarah, for taking something that was overwhelming without a starting point in site, and quickly moving me to a rebranded website I can share with the world!”

-Nasha Winters, ND


StoryBrand BrandScript

Your BrandScript is an internal document that guides all of your marketing content. It follows a 7-part framework that relies on the power of story to get people to listen.


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Website Copy + Wireframes

When I only deliver words, the web designer inevitably mixes up the messaging. A wireframe delivers your copy as a designed PDF. This makes it easy for any designer to take the copy and turn it into a gorgeous and effective site.


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Your site map gives organization to your site. It helps site visitors easily navigate to the pages you want them to see. Clarity wins!


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“Sarah is wonderful!! She helped create a beautiful website for me!!”

~Joanne Phillips, MS, RD

The Step-by-Step

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90-Minute Strategy Session

Every project kicks off with a 90-minute strategy session to clarify your marketing message. We meet via Zoom for a structured brainstorming session. You don’t have to do anything special to prepare for this session. 

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Receive Initial Drafts

After our first meeting, I follow the StoryBrand framework to deliver your BrandScript and website copy. You will receive the website copy as wireframes.

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60-Minute Review Session

We’ll meet a second time via Zoom to review the initial drafts of your BrandScript and website copy. You have the opportunity to share any thoughts about what is working and what is not. 

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Receive Your Final Copy

I’ll make revisions to the initial drafts and deliver finalized copy to you. Your BrandScript is an asset that you can use to guide all of your other marketing content. Your website copy and wireframes will make it easy for any website designer to build a gorgeous and high-converting site.

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“I swear Sarah can get inside my head and see what I’m thinking, then puts it into words for me! I’m having so much fun working with her, and rewriting our website is now my favorite part of the process!”

~Senia Mae Tuominen, L.Ac.

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“Sarah was a huge help to our medical practice and takes initiative to stay on the cutting edge of marketing and health. I highly recommend her to anyone looking to clarify their message and attract qualified leads.”

~Lauren Guillory

Package Options

How much is your outdated website costing you? How much money are you leaving on the table because your copy doesn’t convert? A clear brand message and StoryBranded website copy will be an asset that increases your return on all other marketing investments.

Don’t let lame copy be a crumbling foundation for your marketing. Get a clear message and catchy copy so you can enjoy more leads and sales.

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