What It Means to Use Story in Marketing


Let’s clear up some confusion about stories.

Telling stories for the sake of telling stories will NOT grow your business.

Think about the last time somebody was telling you a story and you checked out. Maybe the story was too long, maybe it had no point, or maybe you just had better things to think about.

Now think about the last time you were captivated by a really great story. It could have been a book, a movie, or gossip from a friend. Maybe you were drawn into the suspense, maybe you related to the underdog, or maybe you wanted the good guy to win.

The story grabbed your attention—and kept you from retreating into the depths of your mind—for a very specific reason.

That story followed pathways that have been engrained in the human brain over thousands of years of storytelling. You were hooked.

So, how can we tap into the power of captivating stories when it comes to marketing?

We follow a formula.

It’s as simple as that.

Sure, there are some nuances involved. We need to figure out who the characters are, what problems they have, how we solve those problems, and some other fine details.

But when we sit down to write the email, the e-book, or the blog post? We follow a story formula.

Do you know what happens next? People tune in. They’re intrigued. They want to hear more. They take action.

So, remember this:

What It Means to Use Story in Marketing

Your beautiful website, logo, and sales funnels will be useless to you unless you have a clear and captivating story to share. If you want to tap into the power of story to grow your business, I can help. Schedule a call so we can connect your story with the people who need you the most.

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