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Marketing your brand online can seem like an overwhelming feat.


An inconsistent message leaves your followers scratching their heads


An outdated website sits stagnant and ignored


Blogging and social media suck too much time


The email opt-in is left undone

Follow my system to solve ALL your content marketing problems

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Save countless hours

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Grow a loyal tribe

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Make easier sales

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Change more lives

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“Sarah to the rescue!…New patients are finding me at my new place—more every week!”

~Susan Dykeman, L.Ac.

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“Sarah was a huge help to our medical practice and takes initiative to stay on the cutting edge of marketing and health. I highly recommend her to anyone looking to clarify their message and attract qualified leads.”

~Lauren Guillory

Hi There, I’m Sarah!

I’m a naturopathic doctor turned content writer and copywriter. For the last seven years, I’ve been using words to help health and wellness practitioners build their authority online. Combining the latest strategies in digital marketing, copywriting, and storytelling, I’ll capture your message in a way that is marketable and memorable.

My 3-Step Plan for Your Online Success



Get clear on your brand message and learn how to make it marketable and memorable. Distill it down to your message-in-a-minute so you can share it in a few short sentences. Your online brand needs to be consistent across your website and all social profiles. My signature done-for-you service will optimize your story and online brand.



Share your message anywhere and everywhere. That means blogs, podcasts, emails, and social media posts. Being visible means pumping out content on the regular. My templates and content marketing monthly subscription help you do this quickly and efficiently. 



You don’t have a business until your brand message and visibility translate into dollars in the bank. I’ll help you automate your sales process with email opt-ins, lead magnets, email sequences, and sales pages. These are the things that work like your personal sales reps 24-7. 

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“I swear Sarah can get inside my head and see what I’m thinking, then puts it into words for me! I’m having so much fun working with her, and rewriting our website is now my favorite part of the process!”

~Senia Mae Tuominen, L.Ac.

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“As an avid story collector of my patient’s lives, the StoryBrand process was a natural fit. Thank you, Sarah, for taking something that was overwhelming without a starting point in site, and quickly moving me to a rebranded website I can share with the world!”

-Nasha Winters, ND

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