StoryBranded Copywriting for Doctors and Wellness Businesses




A Confused Message Could Cost You… 

If you are like most naturopathic or integrative medicine businesses, you’ve been ignoring your marketing. After all, you were meant to be a healthcare professional—not a marketing expert! But if you continue to ignore your marketing, your business WILL. NOT. GROW.

Your website will sit stagnant and lonely

People will question your value and rates

You'll wonder why nobody's buying

A Clear Message Could  Transform Your Business

Love Your Online Image

Feel confident about your website and the message you put out to the world

Attract Quality Leads

Attract people who value your services and will be excited and committed clients

Grow a Purposeful Business

Bask in the joy of growing a fulfilling business that brings light to the world

Get Copy to Stand Out from the Crowd

Let’s face it—most copywriters have zero understanding of natural medicine. You may have even hired some and needed to rewrite the content you paid them for!

I’m Sarah Cook, the founder and copywriter of ND Pen. For more than 6 years, I’ve been writing words to help naturopathic and integrative businesses thrive.

Based in Westminster, CO, I love to serve local businesses in the Denver metro area as well as clients across the US.

Your business needs copy that clearly explains your medicine AND gets people excited to buy. That’s what you get when you hire ND Pen.

What is StoryBrand?

StoryBrand is a marketing strategy that relies on the power of story. The StoryBrand mantra is “if you confuse you’ll lose.” People are drawn to clarity, so our first step is to get your business a clear brand message. In StoryBranded, we call your brand narrative a BrandScript.

As a StoryBrand Certified Guide, we follow the proven StoryBrand framework to create a BrandScript and then write copy and design websites that draw people into the story of YOUR medical practice or wellness business.

For you? That means a powerful message, more sales, and more lives saved.

Copywriting Services

When you hire ND Pen to complete a copywriting project, we always start with a strategy session to get clear on your marketing message (your StoryBrand BrandScript). We then follow the StoryBrand framework to craft copy for your website, email campaigns, or other marketing materials.





“As an avid story collector of my patient’s lives, the StoryBrand process was a natural fit. Thank you, Sarah, for taking something that was overwhelming and quickly moving me to a rebranded website I can share with the world!” Dr. Nasha Winters, ND, FABNO

“I put off revamping my acupuncture website for years because it was so painful to write the first time. I dreaded going thru that again! And then I found Sarah. I swear she can get inside my head and see what I’m thinking, then puts it into words for me! I’m having so much fun working with her, and rewriting our website is now my favorite part of the process!”

Senia Mae Tuominen, L.Ac.

“Sarah did a wonderful job helping us clarify our message, even to the point that with her expert guidance, we won our local Shark Tank-style business and tech competition.

Casey Davis, KnowMe

Get Started with ND Pen

Schedule a Call

Schedule a free 30-minute call for Sarah to learn about your project goals

Clarify Your Marketing Message

Every project starts with a strategy session to clarify your message

Get StoryBranded Copy

You’ll get high-converting copy for your website or other marketing materials

Most marketers don't understand integrative medicine. You're wasting money and confusing the people who need your help the most. When you hire ND Pen for a copywriting project, you get the perfect combination of medical knowledge + marketing savvy. 

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