ND Pen is based in Westminster, CO. We love serving local businesses in the Denver Metro area but are happy to serve any business across the US. We get you clear on your brand message and design websites that convert.






Your Brand Narrative


CLARITY on your marketing message

CONSISTENCY across all platforms

CONFIDENCE in sales and communicating

Here's how it works:

Over the course of 2 strategy sessions, Sarah guides you through a structured brainstorming process to clarify your message. She then filters your message through the Storybrand framework to deliver a clear brand narrative.

Here's what you get:
  • A clear and updated brand narrative to use for all your marketing
  • A one-liner to sum up your message in a short and sweet second
  • The only 7 talking points you will EVER need to talk about your business
  • Guidance on how to use your brand narrative across marketing platforms
Here's what you avoid:
  • No more fumbling over your words
  • No more blank faces
  • No more trying to justify that your services are worth the price
  • No more wasting time on clients who don’t even care

If your message is confusing, people will NOT understand how you can help. Your brand narrative gives you a solid communication strategy. Be so consistent that people will memorize your marketing message.


Website Copy Refresh


Get people FIRED UP about your brand

Keep people ENGAGED with your content

Get high-quality leads and SALES from your site

Here's how it works:

After 2 strategy sessions to get clear on the message (see above), Sarah will craft the copy for your homepage. She’ll give specific guidance to your designer for the flow and organization of the site.

Here's what you get:
  • Your brand narrative and one-liner (everything listed above)
  • Copy for your homepage
  • Guidance to give your designer on the images, flow, and organization of the site
Here's what you avoid:
  • No more staring at the screen feeling like every word you write stinks
  • No more feeling embarrassed when you tell people to check out your site
  • No more lame copy that nobody ever reads

People buy things because of the words they hear or read. Don’t be boring or confusing. Get a website copy refresh so that your site will get people jazzed about what you do.


Website Design and Development



Feel AMAZING about your online image

Get a website that actually GROWS your business

Have all of the TECHNICAL details handled for you

Here's how it works:

We start by clarifying your message and coming up with your brand narrative. Sarah then writes the copy for your homepage. We collaborate with a team of extremely talented and tech-savvy web designers and developers to deliver you a gorgeous WordPress website—optimized for search, conversions, and getting sales.

Here's what you get:
  • A clear brand narrative
  • Website copy to increase sales
  • A newly designed WordPress website with the Divi theme
  • Responsive website design that’s optimized for mobile
  • SEO optimization with Yoast
  • Website integrations with your email service provider
  • Training on how to make updates to your site once it’s done

(If you need your site to support a podcast, membership area, course site, or anything else, we can make that happen! Call us for a quote for your project)

Here's what you avoid:
  • No more late nights trying to code that one dang pop-up box
  • No more hours googling what plugin you should use to shrink your images
  • No more wondering if you filled in that meta-description the right way
  • No more paying web designers who completely mangle your message

Stop hassling with a do-it-yourself site. Chances are that you’re missing a lot of technicalities on the backend. Get a gorgeous site that performs well and shares your message with the world.


Sales Funnel Creation


Showcase your EXPERTISE and your unique message

Earn the TRUST of your potential clients

Grow your business on AUTOMATION

Here's how it works:

After we clarify your brand narrative (see above), we help you create a lead-generating PDF download and an email sequence. A sales funnel is an excellent way to convert website visitors into paying clients.

Here's what you get:

We can help you with all or part of the process of creating your sales funnel:

  • Ideation, research, and copy for a lead-generating PDF
  • Design of a PDF
  • Copy for an email nurture sequence
  • Copy for an email sales sequence

(The price will depend on how much research we do and how much you do for yourself. Call us for a quote.)

Here's what you avoid:
  • No more nights thinking *someday* I’ll write that e-book
  • No more staring at your email composer feeling frozen over what to write
  • No more wondering what to give away on social media
  • No more stats that show hundreds of people visiting your site yet not seeing it in your bottom line

People need to know and trust you before putting money on the line. Put a sales funnel in place so people will grow to adore you before they ever meet you.


We know medicine + marketing. Schedule a call so that we can get you on your way to a clear brand message and marketing that works.

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