Copywriting for Naturopathic and Integrative Medicine Businesses

Ways we can help

Brand Message

Included in all projects ($1500 value)

Get clarity on your message and consistency across all platforms. We spend 90 minutes on Zoom with you and then use the StoryBrand framework to deliver:

  • Your brand narrative (StoryBrand BrandScript)
  • Your one-liner (quick summary of your message)
  • Guidance on how to use your newly clarified message

If your message is confusing, people will not understand how you can help. Your brand message gives you a solid communication strategy. You’ll be so consistent that people will memorize your marketing message. 

New to StoryBrand? Learn more here

Website Copy

Starting at $2500

People buy things because of words they read or hear. Get people fired up about your brand and engaged with your content. Our website copy will get you high-quality leads and more sales from your site. After a strategy session (see brand message), we deliver:

  • Website copy and wireframe for your homepage
  • Sitemap and guidance on your menu bar and navigation
  • Option to add on additional copy and wireframes for $500 per page

We deliver a designed PDF to your website designer so that there will be no question about how the copy fits in with the design of your site. When you refresh the copy on your website, you’ll get people fired up about your brand.

Example Homepage Wireframe

Website Design

Starting at $7500

Sometimes websites need more than a copy refresh! If you need website design services, we’ve got you covered. We collaborate with a team of extremely talented and tech-savvy web designers and developers. Together with this team, we deliver:

  • Brand message + website copy described above
  • A WordPress website with the Divi Theme
  • Responsive website design that’s optimized for mobile
  • SEO optimization with Yoast
  • Option to purchase monthly maintenance when your site is complete

When you work with our team of website designers, the process is seamless. They won’t flub up your message with the design. You’ll get a gorgeous new site to showcase your business to the world.

Example Website

Lead-Generating PDF

Priced per project

A lead-generating PDF (e-book) is one of the best ways to showcase your expertise and educate potential clients. We’ll start by getting a clear brand message to help choose a stellar topic for your project. Here’s what you’ll get:

  • Topic ideas that your clients will love
  • An attention-grabbing headline
  • Research and writing of content
  • Design of a PDF to match your brand
  • Option to add copy and design for a landing page to promote the PDF

Finally produce that e-book you’ve been thinking about forever. We’ll take care of all the details for you.

Example Lead-Generating PDF

Email Sequences

Priced per project

Email sequences help you establish and maintain relationships. When we put them on automation, they work for you in your sleep. Here are some of the types of email sequences we can write:

  • Welcome emails to send when somebody joins your list
  • Email auto-responders to send when somebody downloads a lead-generating PDF
  • Email sales sequences to promote a product or service
  • Daily or weekly emails to keep your list excited and engaged

Sales letters

Priced per project

Sales letters can be used as part of email campaigns or sales promotions. We’ll get clear on the messaging for your product or service. Then we’ll follow the StoryBrand framework and the latest strategies in copywriting to craft a letter that sells. 


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