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The Plug-n-Play Way to Boost Visibility and Sales

When you got into the field of health and wellness, you probably never imagined you would also need to become a marketing and copywriting wizard. BUT you kinda do. Either that or outsource all of your content creation for thousands of dollars a month.

After spending the last 7 years writing health-related copy and content, I’ve distilled down a simple system to take care of all your content marketing needs. My tooolkits come with fill-in-the-blank templates and quick videos so that you (or any staff member—it’s that simple) will be able to effectively market your business online.

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Content Monthly


Health Content Done FOR You

The amount of time it takes to produce high-quality content for your blog or social media accounts is insane. On top of the actual writing, there is all the time it takes to do research and keep up with the latest health news and trends.

If you’re looking for a time-efficient way to share evidence-based and reliable health information with your audience—without paying a writer OR spending all your nights and weekends—the Content Marketing Monthly subscription is for you.

This subscription delivers 8 content blurbs per month for you to customize as you like. Every content blurb includes a reference to a reliable journal publication.

Content Marketing Monthly helps you show up on social, email, and blogs with relevant content that your audience will love. 

Content Marketing Monthly is COMING SOON!!!

Branding (1)


The foundation for all marketing

If your message is confusing or inconsistent, people will ignore you. The online brand overhaul begins with a strategy session to get clear on the message you want to share. Following the StoryBrand framework and the latest copywriting strategies, you’ll get:

  • Complete Brand Messaging Guide to guide all marketing content
  • Your Message-In-a-Minute to sum up your message in a few short sentences
  • Origin Story that shows you have empathy and authority
  • Professional Bio, customized for your website, social profiles, guest speaking, etc.
  • Website Copy and wireframes to make it easy for any designer to create an authoritative and compelling site
  • Social Profile Optimization to be sure your message is consistent across all platforms

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Sales done


Automate a system to attract leads and make sales

If every sale for your business relies on your input of energy and time, you’ll never be able to scale. Once you have a clear brand message on your website and visibility from ongoing content, it’s time to translate your efforts into sales. Following the StoryBrand framework and the latest digital marketing strategies, you’ll get:

  • Copy and wireframe for a Sales Page to close the sale on your signature offer
  • Ideation, copy, and design for a Lead-Generating PDF that will attract your ideal clients
  • Copy and wireframes for an Email Opt-In Page and Thank-You Page to grow your email list
  • Copy for an Email Sequence to work as an automated salesperson 24-7

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